Art is creative problem solving in whatever form that takes: drawing, sewing, crafting, theater. 

When learning meditation, they always say "clear your mind, clear your mind...." My mind is only clear when I am bringing something to life through art. At almost no other moment in life can I say that my mind is blank. I lean into the process and work without thinking to bring a gaze or a fold of fabric to life. 

I want you to feel like you could touch the paper and feel the texture in the fabric or the smoothness of someone’s nose or cheek. 

I practice seeing what is there, not my interpretation, not what my brain or mind is telling me is in front of me but what is actually there. It is a practice to see what is, rather than what I think there is, to get lost in the space of the paper.

I love to look at art and wonder how the artist did it and that is what I strive to create, a sense of wonder and intrigue, to spark curiosity.